The first in business 2017 - issued by “Manager”

“Mebel-stil” LTD is one of the 200 most successful companies in Bulgaria. The ranking has been published by the magazine “The first in business 2017”, issued by “Manager” magazine. The companies included in the ranking have approximately 155 thousand employees and stabilize the economy.
“The people who work in the company are my heroes.”- Says the owner and the manager of “Mebel-stil” LTD Ilko Iliev, C.Eng. – “Positive thinking generates confidence and confidence is what makes people act”. The CEO Maria Ilieva has also been interviewed saying: “We strive to take care of our employees and to motivate them”.
“Mebel-stil” LTD keeps developing extremely fast and this is not the first time the company receives compliments on its work.