A delegation from Тhe Embassy of People's Republic of China visited Mebel Stil

Mebel Stil Ltd. was again host of an official delegation from The Embassy of People's Republic of China with representatives: Mr. Yao Chaoying, Economic and Commercial Counselor, Ms. Chen Yin, First Secretary and Head of Education Department, and Mr. Wu Liufan- Attache at the Embassy. The guests were welcomed in Bulgarian traditional ethno style with bread and honey. Our visitors were able to see the entire production process closely. The owner of the company Eng. Ilko Iliev shared with them about the long way he has come from and the new opportunities in the development of the enterprise. Mr. Yao Chaoying shared important information on the current trade policy of People's Republic of China. One of the new developments is the organization of the First International Expo on Imported products from 5 to 10 November 2018 in Shanghai.